The Farm House Project
was never supposed to be a complete “gut” remodel. The homeowners and I planned a worst case senario and jumped in with both feet. After removing 4 layers of roofing and looking at the sags in the old hand framed trusses, and finding so much illegal wiring in the attic, we were not sure what the rest of the house really had in it. Well every time we opened something up it just got worse. The homeowner asked if we could get rid of the old musty smell. I said that I thought we could, just didn't think we would go as far as we did. So, we ended up gutting the house down to the interior walls and opening up the floor system to see what we had.

We actually kept the foundations, exterior walls, the vinyl windows and all the brick. We beefed up the floor system, sheeted with ¾ t/g plywood, redid ALL the electrical, plumbing, furnace/ac, rolled new trusses, firred in the exterior walls to get the proper depth for insulation, re-plumbed some of the exterior walls that were 2”-4” out of plumb (without damaging the brick), straightened up the two front bay windows that were also 3” out of plumb, removed one exterior door, cut into the brick and installed one new window, insulated, drywalled and painted. All new door and window trims, wood floors, tile floors, carpet and base trim, bath fixtures, complete kitchen with granite tops and tile backsplash.

Also DMAC worked with the homeowner as the architect and designer as we rolled along. All in all, they are extremely happy and pleased with the project as am I. A challenge, yes. Great folks to work with? Yes !

Farm House Project Video

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